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MyRight – Empowers people with disabilities is an umbrella organisation within the disability movement which works at the request of 30 member organisations. Together we run international development co-operation in Bolivia, Nicaragua,  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana and Namibia.

The goal for our joint work is to strengthen the localpartner organisations’ possibilities for running effective advocacy work for the rights of their members. MyRight’s role is to provide administrative support for our member organisations. We also work with quality assurance of the projects.  

From June 2012. MyRight in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been implementing projects funded by Austrian Development Cooperation and Cooperation with Eastern Europe (ADA) and the Austrian organization Light for the World. Project on monitoring the rights of persons with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended in May 2014. The main result of this project is the Alternative report on implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides a clear picture about the respect for the rights of persons with disabilities in BiH. The project involved 65 organizations of persons with disabilities gathered in five coalitions covering regions of Doboj, Bijeljina, Tuzla, Mostar and Sarajevo. One of the pressing issues for people with disabilities in BiH identified during the monitoring of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, is the respect for the right to health care and rehabilitation for people with disabilities. Recognizing this as an important component for the realization of human rights of persons with disabilities, Austrian Development Cooperation and Cooperation with Eastern Europe (ADA) and the Austrian organization Light for the World have approved funding for a three year project which major aspect is advocacy and lobbying for better and more comprehensive implementation of right to health and rehabilitation for people with disabilities. The project ends in May 2017. 

Our vision is a society where the equality and the rights of everyone are respected.

MyRight programme 2015 – 2017

The MyRight programme includes a number of active components: the MyRight office’sdirect activities, joint activities and activities related to particular projects with partner organisations from Sweden (SRF, FIFH, STIL and FUB).

1) The direct activities of the Office are related to the programme to strengthen the capacity of persons with disabilities and their organisations, including both MyRight’s partner organisations’ members and partner organisations of the five coalitions of disabled persons’ organisations.

2) The joint activitiesalso involve a number of elements.

The first element is entitled For a stronger network of people with disabilities and greater social understanding of equal opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015-2017 and is being coordinated by the MyRight office and implemented at the level of the five coalitions, who are actively advocating for closer application of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the local level.

The second element is entitled Meaningful Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Healthcare in BiH.This three-year project is also being coordinated by MyRight and implemented by the five coalitions, with support from ADA and LFTW. Its goal is to make full use of the international instruments for the protection of the human rights of individuals with disabilities (The Alternative Report, the UPP, etc.) and building the capacity of the coalitions through the advocacy process. MyRight welcomed two new partner coalitions in this element for the first time: the ZenicaDoboj Canton and the Eastern Herzegovina coalitions for persons with disabilities.

3) The partnership projects between the MyRight member-organisations for persons with disabilities from Sweden and such organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina:

· SRF and USKS, entitledBuilding the capacity of organisations of persons with impaired visionin the FBiH;

· FUB and UM Ružičnjak, entitled Believe me, I cook for myself – I am ready for independent living;

· FIFH and Oaza, entitledSport is my right;and

· STIL and IC Lotos, entitledBuilding capacity to support independent living for persons with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The MyRight Programme Committee

The Programme Committee isprimarily an advisory and coordinating body which provides expert and professional support to the development and exercise of MyRight’sprogrammes, while also providing support to and oversight of the work of the coalition field coordinators.

The members of the Programme Committee assist the coalitions and their partner organisations to express and present their views within the MyRight programmes and so ensure respect for their positions and needs, as well as presenting the MyRight programme goals to the members of the coalitions and other interested parties.

The Programme Committee has ninemembers, namely: one representative from each of the five coalitions and the entire membership of the Programme Team (which includes one representative from each of the four partner projects). The decision to form and profile this committee was made in 2014, during the planning phase forthe MyRight programme activities for 2015 to 2017, while the final formulation was agreed at a meeting of coalition representatives on December 22, 2014.

The Programme Team

The Programme Team is an important resource for the communication of relevant, important information regarding to the development, implementation, and ongoing activities in the programme and projects, including those related to reporting and monitoring programmes and projects.

Members of the programme team support each other in projects and programmes – with regard to problem solving, in programme-related decision-making, the exchange of information and ensuring respect for the basic rules of the functioning of the entire programme. The existence of the Programme Team ensures timely operation and active communication to facilitate decision-making regarding important issues related to the realization of programme activities.

The Programme Team ensures a high quality of management of expected outcomes, detailed planning of activities, where required, and strategic understanding of the overall operation.

The Programme Team has four members representing the partnership projects, with one representative coming from each of the partner organisations, and consequently represents a multi-functional team. There are four members in total.

The Programme Team is part of the Programme Committee and covers the same roles and responsibilities as the Programme Committee.

The Field Coordinators

The position of field coordinator was developed to facilitate and ensure the regular and unhindered execution of all the activities that make up MyRight’s programme with the coalitions.

The field coordinator is the main person responsible for the flow of information between MyRight, the member-organisations of the Coalitions, and the other organisations involved or interested in the development of the MyRight programme.

The tasks of the field coordinator are to implement projects approved for the coalition by MyRight, in particular by coordinating activities or campaigns with member coalitions and their partners (representing the coalitions), the programme team and the MyRight programme board.

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